What’s Next?

The purpose of this lesson is to share information about opportunities for spiritual growth available in your church, group, and community to share with your class. Include the details about specific opportunities and whom to contact to register. Feel free to adapt and extend this lesson as necessary.

  •  How do you find a good church home?
  •  What does the Bible say about baptism?
  •  What Bible studies and small group study classes are available for you?
  •  What are spiritual gifts and how do you discover yours?
  • What happens when you combine your spiritual gifts with a willingness to share your faith and serve others?
  • How can you learn to share your faith?
  • How can you serve in this church?
  • What mission opportunities interest you?
  • Review of Discover Bible Basics course.

Students may confidently move on to another class because of the skills and knowledge they have gained in Discover Bible Basics, but they are welcome to continue the course (if it is taught as an ongoing course) until they feel ready to move on to another Bible study.


Continue to Look in the Book:  
Students are encouraged to finish reading John and other assignments if they have not done so already. While they can continue their Bible reading wherever they choose, suggestions are offered. The entire Bible can be read in about 80 hours.


Continue to Discover Him Daily:
Students are encouraged to discover what is beyond the basics of the Bible. They are encouraged to study their Bible, attend church, grow in their faith with other believers, spend time in prayer, and learn to share the good news about Jesus with others.



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